Worcester Baseball Club was mentioned on ITV’s Beat The Chasers for this reason


Worcester Baseball Club’s Duncan Cobbett has appeared on ITV’s popular Beat The Chasers show and he’s even shouted at the club on primetime TV.

In conversation with Bradley Walsh, Mr Cobbett mentioned his beloved sports club in Littleworth.

“I love sports, my passion is baseball, people know me as baseball and paster. The team I play for, I think is the biggest name team in the world called Worcester Sorcerers.”

Mr Cobett, who appeared on Tuesday May 17, says he enjoys being on TV shows and has previously been featured on The Weakest Link.

Mr Cobbett said: “I filled out the form for Beat The Chasers and was isolated for COVID over the new year and was looking for something to do.

“It was great, everyone was really nice. Bradley was really nice to talk to.

“My parents, my brother and my sister-in-law were in the audience, so I wanted to put on a good show.

“I came second in the show and you get a shot, it’s series five, episode two. Maybe if I’m lucky I can get on another TV show.

“The club were really happy for me to mention them, they are always looking for more members to join the club.

Mr Cobbett says he would like to appear on Who Wants to be a Millionaire next, but day to day you can find him working as a pastor for Wood Green Church.

“It’s not a one day a week job and I can talk about Jesus to anyone who’s interested, and a lot of people have been interested.”

A Worcester Baseball Club spokesperson said:

“The Wizards of Worcester have just been mentioned on ITV’s primetime show; Beat The Chasers!!!

“One of our members, Duncan, appeared on the show tonight and brilliantly named the club.

“You’ll want the sound for this one!!

“He appeared second on the show, so listen and find out how he fared.”


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