Wisconsin’s popular ballpark adds a one-of-a-kind attraction


A one-of-a-kind attraction is added at a famous baseball stadium in Wisconsin.

Attending my first major league baseball game

I remember when my dad took me to my very first professional baseball game at Wrigley Field to see the Chicago Cubs. I was immediately a big fan.

MLB opening day postponed due to coronavirus

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You can’t beat the fun at the old ballpark

Going to watch your favorite baseball team is more than just a game. That’s the whole experience. Think fans, food, stadium, gifts, merchandise and more. I think that’s what makes seeing the game live so much better.

Oakland Athletics vs. Chicago Cubs

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The best Major League baseball stadiums are a short drive away

We are so lucky here in Rockford because we have three pro teams within a short driving distance. Moreover, they are among the best stadiums in the Majors.

Wrigley Field

This building is legendary. So many great things have happened there. A visit to Wrigley is like taking a trip through history.

Guaranteed rate field

The home of the Chicago White Sox has to be one of the most underrated baseball fields in all of baseball. You can heel before a game. The food is awesome. They did a great job of upgrading after the first few mistakes.

Photo of rate field guaranteed by Double T

Photo of rate field guaranteed by Double T

American family field

Sorry Cubs and White Sox Fans, I think Milwaukee beat you. A retractable roof and loads of extra attractions to keep you busy.

Milwaukee Brewers add one-of-a-kind sports attraction

According to onmilwaukee.com,

“X-Golf America and the Milwaukee Brewers have announced that they will be partnering to open a state-of-the-art indoor golf experience at American Family Field this year.”

“It will be unique in MLB and, in fact, in all sports stadiums.”

“The facility will have seven simulation bays on two floors, three of which overlook the baseball field.”

Now that’s gonna be really cool. Play golf while watching baseball. It will keep your attention span occupied. Moreover, it will be the only one like it in the league.

Photos from Chicago White Sox Reopening Day at the Guaranteed Rate Field 6/25/21

Photos from Chicago White Sox Reopening Day at the Guaranteed Rate Field 6/25/21

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