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The spring training period evaporates.

Major League Baseball owners and players continue their kabuki dance at the bargaining table as Major League Baseball owners’ player lockdown continues. Both sides are putting money aside to help day laborers who earn money at spring training games in Arizona and Florida to show they are good comrades and caring people. Neither side cares much about these per diem workers and really the only people who care about them are other owners or other players and how to divide billions of dollars. More regular season games scheduled for April will soon roll out of the board, which means more money for players to lose. Many players won’t get the money back, the owners have the means to survive the players because for the owners, baseball is just part of a business portfolio.

Meanwhile, in Florida and Arizona, places that have spent more than $1 billion to build spring training complexes for baseball owners, municipalities are losing ballpark revenue. Part of this income is used to repay the debt of the complexes. It’s prestigious but not profitable to host spring training. Soon, twenty-eight cities that host the 30 major league teams will lose baseball-related revenue. There are those in the sports media who want the lockout to end because baseball is taking a huge PR blow at a time when interest in the game is perceived to be waning. The baseball industry depends on customers, corporate money, not fans, and the corporate world doesn’t complain about missed games any more than the video world, whether it’s cable television or streaming services. Neither do marketing partners. March and April feature a busy sports schedule, with baseball taking up a small portion of the action. When people complain about money, then MLB has a problem.

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