The ballpark needs an additional $31 million to complete


André Rogers baseball stadium.



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WORKS and Utilities Minister Alfred Sears said more than $31 million would be needed to complete the Andre Rodgers Baseball Stadium.

The Christie administration originally contracted Woslee Construction Company to build the stadium for approximately $24.9 million. That figure, Sears said, was adjusted to $21.4 million and then increased to $27.5 million after adding contingent and interim fees.

Mr Sears said construction began in September 2016 and was expected to take 15 months, ending in November 2017.

He said: “To date, $27,438,868.26 has been certified for payment. However, of this amount, there are payment certificates worth $3,256,650 to date, which have not been paid due to lack of funding allocated in the 2021/22 capital budget of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Services.

Mr Sears said the project had been significantly delayed and impacted by a number of issues, including an escalating cost of materials, equipment and labor due to the transition between administrations.

“The project was extended several times over approximately 38 months and over two VAT periods, which required additional funding,” he said.

“Construction of ancillary buildings and concrete works, such as (ticket counters, batting cage aprons, roof and structural support for batting cages, etc.) – were not fixed in the process of tender as the drawings were incomplete and require $1,109,145.20 for completion. Hardscape and Landscape – an interim sum of $375,000.00 is required for completion.

“Pending change requests that may be valued at $906,057.69 pending review.

“Additional funding will be required to complete the stadium in the amount of $31,349,566.28. This includes VAT.

Mr Sears said the project would have been completed if Woslee Construction Company had been allowed to complete its work.

He said a number of events are expected to take place at the stadium when it is completed.

“With the remobilization of this project, we anticipate that by December 2022, the stadium will be ready to host the international baseball tournament in the series,” he said. “We are working on a quick finish to the stadium, Madam President, so that many other athletes such as Jazz Chisholm Jr, Lucius Fox Jr and Kristian Robinson who are currently on the stage can follow in the footsteps of this great Bahamian Andre Rodgers. , which was the first to enter the major leagues in baseball.

• The original version of this story incorrectly stated that the final cost of the stadium had risen to $31 million. In fact, an additional $31 million will be needed to complete the project.


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