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Coldwell Banker-Craig Heinonen’s Gabe Daavettila throws during a Superiorland Baseball League game against the Negaunee Blasters on Monday at Irontown Field in Negaunee. (Newspaper photo by Ryan Stieg)

NEGAUNEE – Bad weather was on and off throughout Monday and ultimately ruined the game in the Superiorland Baseball League.

With dark clouds surrounding Negaunee’s Irontown Field and thunder roaring in the distance, Coldwell Banker-Craig Heinonen and the Negaunee Blasters tried to reduce their game, but only succeeded in 1/2 round. before the match was called off when the rain started to hit the diamond.

CBCH held a 4-0 lead when the game was abandoned.

CBCH recorded two of his runs late in the first. After Gabe Daavettila reached base on an error, he came to score on Steve Daavettila’s defensive choice. Shane Johnston then called with a hit and two hitters later scored with a Blasters pitching error.

There was no immediate information on when or if this game and others on the night’s schedule will be caught.

Keith Juidici of the Negaunee Blasters throws in a Superiorland League Baseball game against Coldwell Banker-Craig Heinonen on Monday at Irontown Field in Negaunee. (Newspaper photo by Ryan Stieg)

The Superiorland League is on leave for the weekend of July 4th and will resume play on Monday July 12th. The Blasters will face the Marquette County Mavericks in Negaunee, while CBCH will face Escanaba in Gwinn.

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