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For the first time in 27 years, a labor dispute in Major League Baseball cost sports games and delayed Opening Day. Three months after beginning a lockout, commissioner Rob Manfred and the owners announced on Tuesday that they were canceling the first two series of the season after a 5 p.m. ET deadline passed Tuesday without an agreement.

Negotiations are over in the immediate future and the parties are expected to leave Florida, where they negotiated with each other for nine straight days. Major issues such as competitive equilibrium tax thresholds, minimum wage and the size of a new pre-arbitration bonus pool left the parties with significant distance to cover before Tuesday, even after some productive discussions on Monday. . Follow the latest news.

MLB lockdown cheat sheet: key terms to know

Here’s an overview of what happened and where things stand:

And after?

Rosenthal: Rob Manfred on track to fulfill his own baseball doomsday prophecy
If commissioner Rob Manfred truly believes missed games will be a “disastrous outcome for the industry,” he certainly doesn’t seem to have convinced his bosses, the 30 major league owners.

Drellich: Opening Day never had a chance
The owners’ message to players remains the same: you don’t get anything close to what you want without a fight.

McCullough: MLB owners clearly don’t want fans watching their sport right now

The MLB-imposed deadline will make official what Manfred’s 30 bosses have been telegraphing for the past three months: Owners don’t care if you want to watch a full season of baseball.

Baseball is gearing up for the wildest spring training ever

Timeline of baseball labor negotiations

MLB cancels first 2 series of 2022 regular season, commissioner Rob Manfred says (1st of March)

MLB and MLBPA moving forward, but deal uncertain as league pushes deadline to Tuesday (1st of March)

Some productivity between MLB and MLBPA, but still ‘a long way to go’: Sources (February 27)

MLB disapproves of players’ package offer: Source (February 26)

Sources: MLB wants to be able to speed up rule changes, including pitch clock (February 25)

MLB and MLBPA make progress on draft lottery (February 25)

Gradual movement on day four of talks (February 24)

Threats to MLB and players over potential cancellation of regular season games (February 23)

If MLB CBA deal not completed by Feb. 28, regular season games will be canceled, league says (February 23)

MLBPA Amends Minimum Wage and Arbitration Eligibility Proposals: Sources (February 22)

MLB edges slightly closer to Players Association on bonus pool, draft lottery: Sources (February 22)

Spring training postponed to March 5 (February 18)

MLB says Players Association deal needed by Feb. 28 to start regular season on time: Sources (February 17)

Players submit revised arbitration proposal in brief meeting (February 17)

MLB presents full proposal, union officials ‘disappointed’ (12 February)

Drellich: What Rob Manfred, MLB offers on Saturday will mean a lot more than Thursday’s quotes (February 11th)

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred: No delay to spring training yet (February 11th)

MLBPA rejected MLB’s request for federal mediation (4 February)

MLB won’t make counter-offer, seeks federal mediation (February 3)

After a “heated” meeting, MLB and MLBPA remain very distant from each other (February 1st)

MLB is ready to introduce a bonus pool for pre-arbitration players, but at a fraction of the MLBPA proposal (25 Jan)

MLB’s heated negotiations include mention of canceled games | MLBPA drops age-based free agency proposal (January 24)

MLB proposal creates little progress as spring training approaches (13 Jan)

MLB, MLBPA reunite for first time since early December (January 11)

NBA history shows real movement in negotiations awaits (7 Jan)

Sources: MLB, MLBPA likely won’t talk about core economics until January (December 15)

MLB owners lock players out, begin baseball’s first work stoppage in 26 years (December 2)

‘Radical’ differences in how Manfred and MLBPA describe path to lockdown (December 2)

Little optimism MLB will avoid lockout (Nov 30)

Manfred says offseason lockdown is different from one that cancels games (18 Nov)

Union’s $500 million grievance against MLB gives both sides new leverage (May 13)

What are the main sticking points in MLB labor negotiations?

Rosenthal: Top MLB Players Association Priorities

Our editors discussed some of the key issues discussed in baseball collective bargaining:

Competitive Balance Tax | Arbitration | MLB Draft | Extended playoffs

Rosenthal: This is what an agreement between the union and the owners should look like (February 24)

Drellich: Progressive moves in MLB negotiations won’t save Opening Day, standard season (February 23)

Drellich and Rosenthal: No reason to believe MLB season will start on time (12 February)

MLB’s push for federal mediation could be a ‘win-win’ PR game, source says (February 3)

Why MLB and players are still distant (31 Jan)

Rosenthal: The pressure is mounting – MLB can’t afford to lose games (January 19)

How to solve the MLB tanking problem? (December 10)

Rosenthal: what a new CBA should look like (December 8)

MLB pulls rule changes off the table for labor fight (December 3)

Rosenthal: The labor dispute is about one thing – money (December 3)

Most controversial issues include revenue sharing, arbitration years, luxury tax (1st December)

The Yankees owner supported lowering the luxury tax (Nov 17)

Before free agency, MLB offers salaries based on FanGraphs’ WAR (Nov. 11)

Scott Boras criticizes tanking; general managers speak little (Nov. 10)

MLBPA makes second economic proposal to MLB (Nov. 5)

MLB proposes minimum wage funded by new tax on teams spending $180 million (August 18)

Tony Clark Q&A: Collective Bargaining, Competition, Salary Cap (April 11)

What to expect during lockdown?

On MLB-owned media, players now barely exist: As MLB owners implemented a lockout, the league began to act as if its unionized players — those on 40-player rosters — no longer existed. Players have been removed from the league’s website and content ecosystem. Their head shots have been removed from lists, their highlights hidden, their names erased from promotional calendars. (April 30 is “Cardinals Third Baseman Bobblehead” Day at Busch Stadium.) But exactly why MLB is going this route is unclear. (December 7)

For Cubs’ Nick Madrigal and others, lockdown creates unique recovery challenges (January 10)

Mailbag: Potential spring training delays, minor league players and more (December 30)

MLBPA creates agent guide for work stoppage issues (Nov 22)

How will a lockout work this winter? (November, 1st)

How did we come here?

During the decade that provoked the workers’ struggle: For five years now, a narrative has persisted within baseball: When MLB and the Players’ Association last agreed to a collective bargaining agreement in 2016, the union was too focused on creature comforts, luxury bus rides. That players have lost sight of the most important part of trading, the heart of the economy. But like most labor relations and economic issues in baseball, the reality is more complicated. (September 23)

MLB players want change and Bruce Meyer fights to make it happen (Nov 28)

How Marvin Miller influenced the labor movement (September 6)

MLB Extended Playoffs and Universal DH are dead issues for 2021 (3rd of March)

In MLB’s latest proposal for the 2021 season, players want more economic guarantees (31 Jan)

Players’ union responds to MLB inquiry into shortened 2021 season with quick ‘no’ (December 2020)

MLB and the Players Association don’t trust each other. Is it important? (December 2020)

Fixed salary: Inside high-stakes negotiation to restart MLB season (May 2020)

Baseball’s ABC midterm negotiations bring early pessimism and disdain (July 2019)

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