Minor League Baseball Teams May Get COVID Relief After One Year Off


Minor league baseball clubs like the Hartford Yard Goats may soon benefit from a Congressional effort to relieve coronaviruses.

Affiliated and independent clubs like the Yard Goats could get up to $ 15 million each from the federal government under the Saving Minor League Baseball Act.

The Yard Goats say the lost 2020 season resulted in a loss of base tickets, sponsorship and merchandise sales.

“This would allow us to rebuild our programs that had to be cut off last season, as well as bring back the rest of our staff so that we can serve the community with the programs we have become known for,” said Yard. Goat owner Josh Solomon spoke about potential new legislation that could support his baseball club.

Solomon and US Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) Spoke to reporters Monday from Dunkin ‘Donuts Park, the home of the Yard Goats. Blumenthal introduced the measure which he says enjoys bipartisan support: it is co-sponsored by Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.).

“Baseball is America and we should be helping Minor League Baseball in this time of existential challenge,” said Blumenthal.

He wants the proposal to be included in any potential addition to the infrastructure package being negotiated.

Major League Baseball earns its income from television. It’s one of the big economic accolades, ”said Blumenthal, describing the financial needs of minor league owners. “Here they have concessions – they have all kinds of sales in the park. When the park is closed, no income.

While no longer affiliated with a Major League baseball club, the Norwich Sea Unicorns would also be eligible for this coronavirus relief. This is because they only lost their membership after the February 2020 deadline.

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