Midhurst baseball stadium given a new name


“We’re a family business and a lot of our families are involved in baseball, so it worked out,” says the owner of Vintage Throne Barber Lounge.

The Barrie Baycats have a new stadium sponsor at their Midhurst digs and hope it helps the baseball team become a cut above the rest.

The sign for the new Vintage Throne stadium was unveiled Thursday afternoon in what was once called Coates Stadium.

Sabrina Di Tommaso, owner of the Vintage Throne Barber Lounge, said she met with Baycats management last year about a potential sponsorship with the local baseball club and that it fit the purpose of the company.

“We’ve sponsored a few things around town over the past few years and gotten involved in charity events, but we knew this could be the start of something fun and exciting,” Di Tommaso said. “We’re a family business and a lot of our families are involved in baseball, so it worked.”

The sponsorship agreement is for four years with an option to extend the agreement.

The stadium is located inside the 118-acre Barrie Community Sports Complex at Nursery Road and Highway 26.

The Vintage Throne Barber Lounge has been in business for about seven years and is located in South Barrie at 474 Big Bay Point Rd.

Di Tomasso said the company started helping Midhurst Park as volunteers and when a conversation about the need for a new stadium sponsor came up, they jumped on it.

“We’ve never done anything like this before, so it’s definitely new for us,” Di Tommaso said. “But getting involved not only with the Baycats, but also with the kids’ camp that they have, is a really good thing that we’re excited to do.”

Although located in nearby Springwater Township, the stadium is a City of Barrie facility that was built approximately 20 years ago with donations and materials provided at cost.

The ball club, which plays in the Intercounty Baseball League, pays user fees for home games, practices and summer camps, as outlined in the facilities use agreement.


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