Downtown apartments starting around $1,000 will overlook the Minor League Baseball Stadium ::


— The downtown Fayetteville skyline is about to change. A developer plans to build more than 200 apartments above the car park next to the Segra Stadium on Hay Street.

This will make the tallest building in the city center.

The view: Incredible, a bird’s eye view of the new stadium.

“My plan is to have an apartment with a view of the stadium so I can watch the Woodpeckers play live,” says Lavern Oxendine, who is looking forward to moving into one of the new apartments being built atop the stadium parking lot. Segra.

For the past three years, Oxendine has lived in an apartment inside the renovated Prince Charles Hotel. He likes to live downtown.

“I can invite my friends over and we can park our cars without having to worry about driving,” he says. “And just walk to all the fun of the day, night or weekend and then walk back.”

“It will be the tallest building in downtown Fayetteville, with fantastic views,” said project manager Jordan Jones, who also served as project manager for the popular Prince Charles Apartments, which will neighbor this development. .

Jones’ grandfather was one of the first men to work on the historic Prince Charles Hotel – so for him these developments come full circle and come face to face with his family roots.

He says the original plan was to build a Hyatt Place hotel with 120 rooms and more than 100,000 square feet of office space. However, the COVID pandemic has changed all that.

“COVID, of course, put a pause on these developments,” he says. “It really hurt the hospitality industry and the office industry quite significantly, and we pivoted.”

Instead of the hotel, they shifted gears to build 212 high-end apartments.

The average rent will start around $1,000 per month, according to current projections. Construction is expected to begin in the summer of 2022, with completion date scheduled for 2024.


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