Burlington Baseball Club Changes Name With Identity Of Sock Puppets



The Burlington Baseball Club has a new name that it hopes will blow your mind.

Wishing to pay tribute to the history of textiles in the region, the organization announced Monday that it will be known as the Burlington Sock Puppets as part of the League of Appalachian redesign.

“We wanted something that was linked to history,” club general manager Anderson Rathbun told The Times-News on Monday. “When we were talking with people and seeing these name suggestions, everyone wanted something unique, wanted something different. They didn’t want something traditional and I think we gave them that.

In late September, Major League Baseball and USA Baseball announced that the rookie-level Appalachian League, for decades a minor league circuit, would become an amateur summer league of wooden bats for freshmen and sophomores. year.

“People here in Burlington, both those who are new to the area and those who have been here for so long, have this desire to be great,” said Ryan Keur, owner of the Burlington team, in a statement. communicated. “It’s a community that works well together and has moved from industry to industry over the past hundred years. What stood out was that Burlington was the ‘hosiery capital of the South’ and when we started discussing a name, everyone kept saying they wanted something ‘to own’, something ‘unique’ that no one in the US could say they had… and with that , an identity on the theme of textiles “Sock Puppet” was born. “

The club unveiled its new brand on Monday morning in a YouTube video narrated by Trip Durham from Burlington.

“When we looked at the storyboard of the sock puppet brand: what is a sock puppet?” Rathbun said. “It can be whatever you want it to be. So I think it really sounds like Burlington and Alamance County in the sense that we were all about corporate stores and trains in the 1800s, then textile mills in the 1900s and now about LabCorp. As we grow older, the sock puppet can always change and it can always reflect the community. And I think that’s something we’re really excited for, as we move forward with rolling out these new Community Identity Sock Puppets.

Durham, who now serves as the public announcer for Duke’s basketball and football games, was clubhouse manager when the team was known as the Burlington Indians.

“Trip is a big fan of Burlington baseball,” said Rathbun. “When we thought about being local and what a local voice people can know, Trip was obviously at the top of the list. “

The organization has received more than 1,200 name suggestions from the community, Rathbun said.

“We couldn’t believe the support from the community,” he said. “From the uncertainty of 2019 to entering the new league and announcing our rebranding, the community support we have received has been absolutely tremendous.”

The team colors will be red, white and blue, with logos featuring retro athletic socks.

“We wanted something that reflects this old-fashioned athletic sock, which you see with the red and blue stripes,” Rathbun said. “We also wanted something that was very close and dear to the hearts of everyone here in the community: red, white and blue, nothing sticks out. So we really wanted to try to be comprehensive on your local team. It’s Burlington, North Carolina, and the great country of the United States. “

The Sock Puppets open their season with a two-game streak at Princeton on June 3-4, before returning home to Burlington Athletic Stadium for two games against Danville on June 5 and 6, on a Saturday and Sunday, marking the first time. that the site will be hosting an Appalachian League game in over 18 months.

“With a name like sock puppets, we need to focus on having an experience when you walk through these doors that reflects something so different and something as unique as the brand that we have,” Rathbun said. “So I think one of our biggest goals is to show people that yes, it’s unique and it’s a different brand, but it will be a different and unique atmosphere when you walk through those doors on June 5th. “

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