Bob Costas wants to call baseball games minor leagues


Bob Costas has had a legendary career in the sports broadcasting industry. You’ve heard his voice in World Series games, the Olympics, Super Bowls, NBA Finals and more. However, there is one thing Costas might want to do in the future that reminds him of listening to baseball games as a kid.

This week, Costas was the guest of Sports business radio podcast Talking about his new show, he said the only thing he’d still like to do is broadcast a minor league baseball game on the radio.

“I would love to do a season or part of a season of minor league baseball on the radio for anything but the love of the trade and see if I could do it as well as I would like to think. be able to do it. Do, even for a short time, what I listened to at night with those voices I listened to as a child. If only for a small audience in a beautiful minor league town for a season, I would love to do it for its own good.

Any minor league baseball team should be happy that Costas wants to make the game of their games because of how much he is associated with the American hobby. Right now, the legendary broadcaster just wants to be a part of the things that are close to him.

“That’s why coming back to HBO on a limited basis with their dedication to quality, long-lasting programming, which suits me well,” he said. “My role on MLB Network: historical stuff plus casual games is something I enjoy. It’s not that I want to do something new or something that I haven’t done, I just want, in a limited way, to focus on the things I love most and for which I’m best. adapted.

Costas’ new show on HBO, Back on the record with Bob Costas, Airs Friday night on HBO at 11 p.m. ET. Bomani Jones will contribute regularly to the program and the first guests will be NBA analyst Charles Barkley and former US gold medalist gymnast Aly Raisman. Atlanta Dream co-owner Renee Montgomery and YES Network analyst David Cone will participate in a panel discussion that will welcome new panelists each month.

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