Binghamton advances multi-million dollar baseball stadium upgrade


The City of Binghamton is moving forward with plans to invest $ 2.75 million in upgrades to the professional baseball stadium.

City council held a public hearing on improvements to Mirabito Stadium, which relate to Major League Baseball requests to retain a minor league team in Binghamton.

The Rumble Ponies looked set to say goodbye to Binghamton as MLB planned to remove at least 40 minor leagues from its affiliation with the big leagues, triggering a stampede of officials from local communities to the halls of Congress to try to save the professionals. baseball in small American towns.

US Senator Charles Schumer was among the politicians at bat to keep Double-A baseball in Binghamton.

The city had already invested millions of dollars in the stadium in accordance with previous MLB requirements, but last year part of the deal to preserve the more than 100-year history of professional baseball in County of Broome included another pledge of public investment in the facilities.

In addition to previous upgrades that may have helped convince Major League Baseball to keep the New York Mets affiliate in the Southern Tier, the new $ 2.75 million investment will fund a new high-end system. speakers, a new dashboard and other improvements. The money is already contained in Binghamton City’s 2022 budget.

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