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(JTA) – Jews love baseball, there’s no denying it. But when the baseball season kicked off in April, most major league stadiums were operating at limited capacity and offered a limited number of concession stands.

Not anymore. As the COVID-19 vaccination rate in the United States has skyrocketed, many rough restrictions have been lifted and remain so even in the face of the surge in Delta variant cases.

For those returning to the stands across the country (and Canada) who keep kosher, we’ve put together this guide to eating in any stadium, from Seattle to Miami. There is no favoritism – it’s lined up alphabetically.

Note that it also includes vegan options, which are plant-based and therefore considered by some to be acceptable in their kosher diet.

(Another thing to keep in mind: it seems the policy of most, if not all, stadiums is that credit cards are required to purchase food, although there are special ATMs in parks that can convert your money into prepaid debit cards.)

Atlanta Braves, Truist Park

There are no kosher items here, but the vegan food available includes a Beyond Burger and a smoked tofu sandwich. Like other teams that have hosted a Jewish Heritage Night, the Braves have hosted a special “Kosher Night” in previous seasons. Sadly, that doesn’t appear to be on the agenda this year, with COVID wreaking havoc on the lineup.

Arizona Diamondbacks, Hunting field

No kosher items are available. There are vegan hot dogs, vegan chicken wraps, and vegan burgers.

Baltimore Orioles, Camden Yards

Although Camden Yards is almost 30 years old, it is still a tourist attraction and a great place to watch a game. Like many older parks, there is no wrong place in the house. Since day one in 1992, the stadium has had a kosher food stand, apparently the first certified kosher stand in one of the major league stadiums. Now called Kosher Grille, fans can find him beyond the left-field seats.

Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park

The American League’s oldest baseball stadium has the most unique kosher serving device: a kosher hot dog vending machine since 2008.

Vegan options at the stadium include burgers and hot dogs.

Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field

In the National League’s oldest baseball stadium, the Cubs have a kosher cart behind Section 227. They also sell veggie burgers in several locations and veggie dogs behind Section 117.

Chicago White Sox, Guaranteed rate field

No kosher items are listed, but vegan and vegetarian items include sandwiches, veggie burgers, and an Asian appetizer duo from Impossible Foods, the brand behind the Impossible Burger.

Cincinnati Reds, Great American baseball stadium

No kosher items are listed, but they do sell vegetarian dogs (and Nathan’s normal hot dogs, which are unfortunately no longer kosher).

Cleveland Indians (soon the Guardians), Progressive field

The park’s kosher hot dog stand is a thing of the past and no kosher items are listed in stadium offerings. However, vegan options include tacos, burritos, dogs, and a garden salad.

Colorado Rockies, Coors Field

No kosher food is listed, although the Sandlot Brewery inside the stadium claims its beer is certified kosher. Vegan foods available include a vegetarian dog and salads. The park also offers vegetarian quesadillas.

Detroit Tigers, Comerica Park

No kosher items here, but fans can pay their respects to former Tiger slugger and Jewish sports legend Hank Greenberg – his statue is one of six in the lobby in the center-left. Greenberg’s 58 home runs and 146 RBIs in 1938 are season-highs among Jewish baseball players. Vegan choices such as Beyond Burgers can be found in the Big Cat food court.

Houston Astros, Minute Maid Park

The park doesn’t have specific kosher foods, but the Astros have several vegan dining options, like the Beyond Burger, at the stands behind Sections 109, 125, and 208. It also offers salads, fruit, hummus, and other items in the 19th Hole concessions can be found in the central field.

Kansas City Royals, Kauffman Stadium

The Royals have a stadium cart by Kohn’s Kosher, a nearby St. Louis Jewish deli (the deli menu is similar to Kohn’s Kosher cart at the Busch Stadium of the St. Louis Cardinals). Vegan options include burgers, Beyond burgers, and Beyond brats.

Los Angeles Dodgers, Dodgers Stadium

The Jewish Sausage Factory Jeff’s Gourmet had provided the park with kosher food, but not this season. “Due to health and safety restrictions, we cannot offer Jeff’s Gourmet until further notice,” the seller said. Note that health and safety restrictions could be removed or relaxed at some point this summer, so check before your visit to the team’s website: mlb.com/dodgers/ballpark/information/guide. Dodger Stadium also offers a variety of vegan options, including Beyond Burgers, Beyond Sausages, tempeh tacos, and tempeh nachos with vegan cheese.

Miami Marlins, ready Depot Park

Kosher hot dogs and burgers can be found behind Section 3 – except Shabbat, of course, as the team website made clear.

Milwaukee Brewers, American family field

The baseball sausage kingdom does not offer a kosher option of Milwaukee’s famous bratwurst or other proteins. Meatless options include soft pretzels, popcorn, and fries, but otherwise, they’re thin picks.

Minnesota Twins, Target field

While no kosher items are offered, the stadium does offer a vegan burger, veggie burritos, and tacos.

New York food, Champ Citi

The Mets offers several kosher products, including hot dogs, knishes, and pretzels, which can be purchased near Sections 115 and 130 at the lot level, as well as Section 408 at the promenade level. There are also vegan options at the many restaurants and concession stands dotted around the park.

New York Yankees, Yankee Stadium

Strictly Kosher, which offers items such as hot dogs and knishes, can be found in four locations – behind sections 110, 214A, 229, and 321. The Yanks also have plenty of vegan items, such as hot dogs and field roasted burgers, black bean burgers, Beyond vegan sausage and sushi. There is more than enough kosher and vegan food to satisfy “long-lived” Yankees fans, who haven’t won a World Series since 2009.

Oakland Athletics, RingCentral Coliseum

No kosher foods are listed. There are also no vegan items listed among the foods available for mobile orders. But Aramark, which is in charge of the stadium’s food operations, offers vegetarian dogs and veggie burgers in the other stadiums they host. So there is always next year.

Philadelphia Philly, Citizen Bank Park

Concessions manager Bruce Leith told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency: “Unfortunately, we did not offer kosher items, except during Jewish Heritage Night, for a number of reasons, including issues with preparation and other factors. But he added that permanent kosher food offerings were being discussed and which the Phillies are hoping to offer in the future.

Jewish Heritage Night has yet to be scheduled this summer – like most teams, the immediate concern was to be up and running on opening day.

Citizens Bank Park also offers a variety of vegan options, including dogs and burgers. Before the pandemic, the Phils also had a booth that sold the famous musician and Philadelphia native Questlove Beyond Meat Vegan Cheesesteak. He’s not coming back this season – they’ve had to suspend deals with multiple vendors due to COVID-19 restrictions – but he could come back in 2022.

Pirates of pittsburgh, PNC Park

The Pirates don’t offer kosher food, but like their counterparts across the state (the Phillies), they’ve already had Jewish Heritage Nights, where they bring kosher food, and may well have some. one at a time. summer (although nothing is currently planned). Vegan items include a burger and a salad of greens and grains.

San Diego Padres, Petco Park

While they don’t have kosher items, as many as a dozen of their concession stands are listed as vegetarian.

Giants of San Francisco, Oracle Park

Although there are no official kosher selections, they do sell Hebrew national hot dogs – that many Jews consider kosher, despite a long-standing dispute on its certification. And there are plenty of vegan dining options, including the Garden (in a real garden) behind the central lot and the John J. McGraw Derby Grill, which sells Impossible Burgers. A vegetarian cheesesteak can be found at Outta Here Cheesesteaks.

Seattle sailors, T Mobile Park

No kosher food listed here. There’s a concession stand, The Natural, with vegan and organic food, including Beyond Burgers, vegan sausages, and other plant-based foods.

The cardinals of Saint-Louis, Busch Stadium

The aforementioned Kohn’s Kosher is also present here, behind section 147. Among their items: pastrami and corned beef sandwiches, knockwurst, and hot dogs. Kohn’s has been operating inside the new Busch Stadium since it was built in 2013, which turned out to be the last time the Cardinals competed in the World Series (they lost to the Red Sox, but the Cards hold the record for the National League for most world titles at 11 a.m.).

Tampa Bay Rays, Tropicana Field

The Rays don’t list any kosher foods, but they do offer several vegan foods, including Beyond Burgers and vegetarian rice bowls with vegan sauces.

Texas Rangers, Life field of the globe

The good news is, they sell Hebrew National hot dogs. The bad news is kosher Centerfield Market the stand at the last Rangers stadium did not enter the new stadium – the team technically moved into their new home last year, but this is the park’s first year with fans. It does, however, have a vegan cart with plenty of options.

Washington Nationals, National Park

Kosher Nats fans can rejoice: Max Kosher Grill offers falafels, homemade sausages and hot dogs from the deli in Wheaton, MD. Vegan food choices are also available at other concession stands.

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