5 Things We Love About Baseball Games Other Than Baseball


Whether you’re a sports fanatic or someone who rejects all forms of physical activity, we bet baseball games will soon become your new favorite pastime (if it isn’t already) – and not entirely. because of baseball. .

A truly unique event, a baseball game has to be the most relaxing sporting activity there is. The long duration, sunshine, and slower-paced nature of the game allow for a more relaxed viewing experience, while the sudden action and crowd and stadium lore balance the atmosphere with excitement.

And with the return of Vancouver Canadiens minor league games to Nat Bailey Stadium this spring after a long 963-day hiatus, we can’t wait to get back to the stands for plenty of reasons that have nothing to do with actual play. . baseball.

food and beer

A three-foot-long hot dog (Vancouver Canadians)

Let’s face it, having competitive food and drink options is a big plus for any event. Baseball games take it to another level, however, providing the perfect casual scene for eating deliciously odd items like three-foot-long hot dogs.

Refreshing beer at Vancouver Canadiens baseball games

Vancouver Canadians

As well as these must-haves, there are also stadium classics, from cotton candy to big bags of buttery popcorn – and Nat Bailey’s beer list has also grown over the years, offering more craft options for local beer lovers. The season will also include the return of 11 Sundays of A&W Family Fun, which means $2 A&W root beer floats will grace concession stand menus at select games, with proceeds going to charity.

This section is motivation enough for us, but let’s move on to some non-expendable reasons why we’re pro-baseball.

The outside atmosphere

Vancouver Canadiens baseball stadium

Vancouver Canadians

Any activity that allows you to spend time outdoors without having to exert yourself physically is a winner in our eyes. The stadium’s large open-air environment is ideal for anyone looking to spend time with family and friends in the sun, and the new Nutrl area is ideal for parties – offering groups of 20-200 people a private and covered to treat yourself to an all-you-can-eat menu while watching the game.

Whether you opt for a midday game (Friday through Sunday in April and May) or an evening game (Tuesday through Thursday), a Canadiens game is a great way to take advantage of Vancouver’s warmer months when you just don’t have the strength to do another hike. And with single-game tickets starting at $20, it’s an affordable outing for the whole gang.

Crowd culture

Crowd culture at Vancouver Canadiens baseball games

Vancouver Canadians

Whether it’s making waves, singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” in unison, or watching the team’s six sushi mascots, Mrs. BC Roll, Mr. Kappa Maki, the chef Wasabi, Sadaharu Soy, Chop and Stix literally run around the pitch every home game, there is always something fun happening in the stands.

And this year, tons more buzz will be happening at Nat Bailey, with several new events added in rotation. New for the 2022 season will be 11 Play Now Tuesdays presented by BCLC, 11 RBC We Care Wednesdays and 11 Throwback Thursdays, where Canadians will transform to wear replica jerseys to showcase the 1978 Vancouver Canadiens (the year where the Canadians became a Triple-A affiliate of the Oakland Athletics).

The post-match fireworks

Post-Vancouver Canadian Games Fireworks

Vancouver Canadians

Summer and fireworks are as classic a combination as ketchup and hot dogs. No, but really, what could make a laid-back summer evening better than ending with a fireworks display?

After nine baseball games this season, the traditional post-game fireworks show will give you several days to choose from to watch the extravaganza. But even if you can’t catch a game with a final fireworks display, you can check the special events schedule to see what’s happening at Nat Bailey during each game.

The annual Dog Day of the summer

Vancouver Canadians

Baseball games are pretty much the perfect way to spend a day, but imagine how much better it would be with your four-legged friend? Well, you’re in luck because the annual Dog Day of Summer will return to the stadium this season.

On Thursday, June 16, Nat Bailey Stadium will be full of puppies. Fans are welcome to bring their pets of all sizes with them into the game, filling the stands with plenty of extra “fears” and some really good boys.

The Canadiens will play at Nat Bailey Stadium 66 times this year over 11 weeks from April to August. Don’t miss all the amazing non-baseball reasons to watch a game and buy your tickets for a game or seasons at milb.com.


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