5 big names who could change baseball teams this summer


While it’s safe to say that the 2022 MLB season is still in its infancy, there will still be plenty of questions about what the league’s teams are going through right now.

There will be some who will be delighted with the start they have had, while there will be teams on the opposite end of the spectrum who will wonder why they had such a bad start to the year and wonder what they can do to turn things around.

Indeed, one of the things that some franchises – regardless of their position in the rankings at the moment – will potentially consider trading new players to bolster their rosters as they look to strive for be the best they can.

With MLB’s trade deadline not until Aug. 2, several rumors are already swirling about what some teams might be looking to do, with some of baseball’s biggest names also being touted for cross-organization trades.

Naturally, this time can be as exciting as it is heartbreaking for some. Players moving between teams will leave some happy and others upset, while those interested in betting on baseball will also be somewhat engaged. Indeed, with sites like gamingpromocodes.com identifying the best promotions to use on sports betting available, punters are able to get the best possible experiences!

If we go back to trade rumours, however, who are five of the biggest names in the sport to potentially be on the move before the August 2 deadline kicks in? Let’s check them out below!

OF ramon lauranoOakland Athletics

Ramon Laureano of the Oakland Athletics could be a moving person this summer, with the outfielder capable of providing an outfield spark on both sides of the ball.

Indeed, the 27-year-old has been rather inconsistent when it comes to his stats, especially since he was arrested for performance-enhancing drugs at the end of 2021, which resulted in an 80-game ban. Laureano’s defense is highly regarded and he brings an intensity that teams competing this summer could greatly appreciate. Plus, he’s climbing the umpire ranks, and the A’s cheap ways could make Laureano’s future paychecks nasty.

HPL Matt MooreTexas Rangers

The former prospect has found a home in a Texas bullpen that has played at the top. He is part of an otherwise unheralded group that includes Denis Santana, Joe Barlowand Brock Burke who have a combined 1.84 ERA. The group helped Texas to a surprisingly good start to the year; they are 31-35 in second place in the AL West. Still, it wasn’t quite supposed to be Texas’ year, and they’ll likely sell out by deadline. What better asset to sell than a left-handed reliever who will soon be a free agent? He could earn Rangers longer-term assets as they look to build the next championship contender in the DFW region.

HPL Sam MollOakland Athletics

We promise we have nothing against the Oakland Athletics, but they have already sent all their good players, including Sean Manaea. Given the ongoing sellout in Oakland, the A’s seem ripe to try to sell left-handed reliever Sam Moll high.

Sam is a 30-year-old mate who was waived, Rule 5 picked, free agency granted twice, and MLB’s official trade tracker has Sam Moll’s “purchase” of the Diamondbacks in the 2021 offseason. Through it all, the profile has remained fairly consistent: he’s a left-handed reliever who doesn’t throw as many strikes as one would like. Still, he decided to throw his slider 60% of the time in 2022 and that led to a 1.23 ERA with 29 strikeouts in just over 21 innings. It’s a long arm action and it’s another piece of what could be a competitor’s bullpen.

heart rate Bryan ReynoldsPittsburgh Pirates

The Pirates have just promoted O’Neil Cruz and are planning good things in Pittsburgh. Bryan Reynolds is rumored to be available for a long time and the Pirates would do well to listen to him. However, Reynolds is a center fielder who finished just outside the top 10 in MVP votes last year. He still has 3.5 years in control of the club, so any package the Pirates pick up should be worth it. Pirates fans are gearing up for a winner and Reynolds could be there to be a part of the upcoming playoff game in Pittsburgh.

1B Josh Bellwashington nationals

Bell has a kind of career year in his walking year in Washington. He is at 146 OPS+ which means he was 46% better than the league average in the box. It provides power and punching ability.

With the DH now universal, there are plenty of teams in contention who could use his bat in the lineup. While the top-place Brewers have given the majority of their DH plate appearances to Andrew McCutchen, no one on their team with more than 5 plate appearances has an OPS+ above Bell’s mark. Additionally, the competing Giants gave the 33-year-old Tommy LaStella the majority of plate appearances at DH. He rewarded that commitment with an OBP of 0.266 which gets worse when he has the advantage of the pack. We could go on, but it’s clear that Bell will be a big stick available this summer.


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