2022 MLB Power Rankings | Ranking the 30 baseball teams this season


April is officially in the books and it’s now May, which means we have nearly a month of performances to rank all 30 MLB teams.

Here are our full 2022 MLB power rankings, ranked from worst to first.

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MLB Power Rankings

30. Cincinnati Reds (3-19) ↔️

Lol. 3-19 to start the year with a 6.15 team ERA and .582 OPS – the two worst ratings in baseball. Sell ​​this fucking team.

29. Kansas City Royals (7-13) ⬇️ 3

At last, André Benintendi looks like the player we thought he could become when he came to the Red Sox. He and Salvador Perez are crashing, but no one else seems to be able to hold on to them. It’s going to be another long year in Kansas City.

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28. Baltimore Orioles (8-14) ⬇️ 3

It’s the Orioles. At least they’re not last on this list – good job!

27. Detroit Tigers (7-14) ⬇️ 5

Man, I thought Detroit was going to do a lot better than what they’ve shown so far this year. Austin Meadows and Javier Baez look like two of the most underrated pickups of the offseason, but this team needs a bad start.

26. Washington Nationals (8-16) ⬆️ 1


25.Texas Rangers (8-14) ⬆️ 3

There are jokes, and then there are the Rangers pitching staff. Marcus Semien looks like Father Time caught up with him, but at least Nathaniel Lowe plays well.

24. Pittsburgh Pirates (9-13) ↔️

I mean, what can I say other than it’s the pirates. Ke’Bryan Hayes looks AWESOME though.

Also, call Oneil Cruz already. It can’t hurt.

23. Arizona Diamonds (10-13) ⬆️ 6

Madison Bumgarner looks like the 2014 MadBum playoffs, while Merrill Kelly was also a stud on the mound. Too bad their programming isn’t worth 20 cents.

22. Chicago Cubs (9-13) ⬇️ 1

Marcus Stroman failed to live up to the hype, as last year’s rookies Frank Schwindel and Patrick Wisdom looked anything but impressive. At least Seiya Suzuki is sick, however, and could very well end up winning NL Rookie of the Year honors if he continues.

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Seiya Suzuki: to win 2022 NL ROY

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21. Cleveland Guardians (10-12) ⬇️ 2

Jose Ramirez and Shane Biber are the only two players worth having in Cleveland. Trade them for leads – it’s time to rebuild.

20. Oakland A (10-12) ⬆️ 3

There’s something about Oakland that makes the best of a crap situation. They probably won’t make the playoffs, but they do play competitive baseball and have perhaps the friendliest player in MLB in Christian Pache. So that’s nice.

19. Boston Red Sox (9-14) ⬇️ 5

And the most disappointing team of 2022 so far is going to Boston! A lineup we all thought was crushing looked as scary as Boo in Monsters, Inc. and the pitch is very meh. I think they’ll figure it out eventually, but right now they’re hard to watch.

18. Chicago White Sox (8-13) ⬇️ 7

YIKES. The White Sox have been freezing lately, losing 8 of their last 10 and, more importantly, losing Eloy Jimenez another long wound. Tony La Russa must find something to stop the bleeding.

17. Atlanta Braves (10-13) ⬇️ 2

It’s crazy how unimpressive the reigning world champions have been so far this year. This lineup is STACKED, but you can’t win ball matches if your pitcher gives up as many runs as the Atlanta staff. At least they have Ronald Acuna Jr. back now.

16. Colorado Rockies (13-9) ⬇️ 4

The Rockies have come down to earth lately, going 5-5 in their last 10 games. But that’s not to discredit the impact guys love CJ Cron, Chad Kuhl& Connor Joe have had on Colorado’s hot start through 2022.

15. Philadelphia Phillies (11-12) ⬆️ 3

The Phillies were one of the most overrated teams in baseball at the start of the season and it shows. They have one of the worst defenses in baseball and their pitching leaves a lot to be desired. At least they have guys who can rake, though.

Philadelphia OF Phillies Bryce Harper

The Philadelphia Phillies have an impressive roster led by 2021 NL MVP Bryce Harper, but do they have enough pitchers to compete in 2022? (Image: USA TODAY Sports)

14. Minnesota Twins (13-9) ⬆️ 3

Let’s not forget that the Twins were a playoff team two years ago. Instead of rebuilding after a difficult 2021, they decided to recharge.

That mentality has paid off so far this season, but I’m still uncertain about throwing them. I can’t completely trust Dylan Bundy or Chris Archer quite yet.

13. Miami Marlins (12-9) ⬆️ 7

I said before the start of the season that the Marlins were my sleeper team to make the playoffs, and they prove me right. They might have the best rotation in baseball and also have young power hitters.

Miami may not be in the running yet, but they’re warning the league right now and could be heading into their first full season since 2009 if their pitch holds up.

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Marlins: MORE THAN 81.5 wins

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12. Houston Astros (11-11) ⬇️ 4

Justin Verlander looks fantastic right now, but Houston’s throw next to him was their Achilles heel. However, their composition is still as frightening as ever.

11. Tampa Bay Rays (12-10) ⬆️ 2

I still can’t figure out the Rays to be honest. They have a superstar in the making with Take a walk Francobut a bunch of dummies after him.

Yet they continue to win. Trust Kevin Cash and Tampa to keep winning regardless.

10. St. Louis Cardinals (12-9) ↔️

We all know the age-old mantra that defense wins championships. Well, the Cardinals have six Gold-Glovers who are more than capable of changing a game with their defense, which could come in handy in October.

Oh, and they also have these two guys Nolan Arenado & Paul Goldschmidt. They’re not half bad either.

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The Cardinals will win the 2022 World Series

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9. Milwaukee Brewers (15-8) ↔️

We all know the identity of the Brewers is the dominant pitching that carried them early on. Their top three starters look fantastic, and Josh Hader has yet to give up a 10-game save streak this year.

8. Los Angeles Angels (15-8) ⬆️ 8

Mike Trout Coming back from injury gave this team a jolt to start the year. The Angels have one of the deepest rosters in baseball and shouldn’t be overlooked by anyone.

7. Seattle Mariners (12-10) ⬇️ 4

It looks like 2022 could FINALLY be the year the Mariners make the playoffs.

JP Crawford and France have somewhat surprisingly carried the offensive charge so far. Yes Julio Rodriguez and jesse winker can get hot, it’s a club no one wants to play.

6. San Francisco Giants (14-8) ⬇️ 1

Farhan Zaidi and Gabe Kapler just keep building winning teams in San Francisco.

Carlos Rodon and Logan Webb the two look like legitimate Cy Young suitors. Once Evan Longoria & LaMonte Wade Jr. returning from their respective injuries, the Giants should be in the game for their second straight NL West crown.

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Giants to win 2022 NL West

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5. San Diego Padres (15-8) ⬆️ 1

Maybe we should be pumping breaks on Slam Diego right now because last year’s second-half slump is so fresh in my memory.

But the Swinging Friars look like a deadly team, led by Eric Hosmeris resurgent in 2022. Oh yeah, and Fernando Tatis Jr. hasn’t played at all yet. He’s a half-decent piece to add to an already HOT squad.

4. Toronto Blue Jays (15-8) ↔️

The pre-season hype was justified. Toronto look like a terrifying team with a lethal roster and a true ace of the Kevin Gausman.

3. New York Yankees (16-6) ⬆️ 4

Somewhat surprisingly, the Yankees have the best record in MLB right now. They have a productive and powerful range with Judge Aaron and Anthony Rizo leading the way and got strong arguments from unnamed guys Gerrit Cole.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers (14-7) ⬇️ 1

The Dodgers do what we expected of them: DOMINATE. Good luck taking on this busy team in October.

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The Dodgers will win the 2022 World Series

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1. New York Mets (16-7) ⬆️ 1

The Mets have the second-best record in all of baseball right now WITHOUT Jacob of Grom. Let it sink in.


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