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MARCH 8 – The following committees were appointed from members of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce and those underwriting the guarantee that brought the Omaha Baseball Club to town for spring training: Finance – Jules Levy, Dr. Preston Tom, JH Stoltzfus; Publicity — GH French, CR Richey, SF Lucchese, JF McCan; Grounds – LC Fletcher, EW Klein, WG Cronett, Father PF Feeney; and police – County Sheriff LO Hudler, City Marshal DC Holzheuser.

MARCH 12 – Victoria is in turmoil over baseball. The most rabid fans haven’t missed an Omaha baseball team practice and are eagerly awaiting the exhibition games that will take place on the grounds of Rio Vista Park.

A broad daylight burglary took place in the heart of the city on Sunday afternoon when Dr. JH Tolson’s dental office was broken into and $40 or $50 worth of gold bridges and crowns were stolen.

Louis Hererling of Lone Tree had the misfortune of shooting himself in the ankle with a .22 caliber rifle yesterday morning. He was taken to Victoria Hospital, where the bullet was removed this morning.


March 7 – The DeLuxe Cafe at 204 North Main St. was purchased this week by retired Victoria Cafe and Tourism Court operator Chris Saralecos. The previous owner was William Eder.

Turner D. Henley takes over the operation of the Traveler’s Hotel Cafe, and Herff Smith, the former owner, becomes sales manager of the beer department of Cudahy Packing Company.

Henry Timberlake having lunch with his daughter at El Charro.

MARCH 10 – As the price of bakery bread rises in many parts of the country, bakers in Victoria today said they do not expect any price increases in the immediate future. Luther K. Dickerson, director of Lee Baking Co., said, “I would imagine that the cities that are experiencing the current price hike were below the general price level and are now raising their prices to offset the rising cost of production. .

Watch them grow on Arrow Dittlinger and Elco Feeds. Victoria Poultry & Egg Co., across the river.


MARCH 6 – The University of Texas Jazz Ensemble and four-member band Merging Traffic will perform the Victoria Fine Arts Association’s fourth concert of the season on Tuesday at Victoria College Auditorium.

Seven Victoria Advocate carriers were rewarded on Saturday under the newspaper’s merit system with a trip to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in the Astrodome. Manuel Ortega Jr., Darrel Tomas, Glen Repka, Timothy Theus, Paul Boyer, Douglas Sims and Michael Blair make the trip.

MARCH 9 – Raymond Sanchez has little interest in prehistoric fossils. But when he discovered a strange-looking ‘rock’ on Monday while using equipment in the Fordyce gravel pit near the Refugio Highway, curiosity led him to find out what it was. acted. The fossil was taken to Victoria College, where Dr. Wayne H. McAlister, professor of biology, and Sergeant Herbert P., professor of geology and engineering, agreed that the specimen was an imperial mammoth molar. The Imperial Mammoth was the largest of the mammoths and lived in the south and southwest during the Pleistocene period or the Ice Age. Dr McAlister said the fossil could be around 20,000 years old.


MARCH 7 – The LaBeff family put together a formidable team on Thursday as they won a major championship, two reserve championships and no one failed to place in their class. Audrey, 13, had the Carcass Lamb Grand Champion and Market Pork Reserve Champion, while James, 17, had the Carcass Lamb Reserve Champion. James’ Commercial Pork entree placed fourth in his class, while 14-year-old Matthew finished second in his class with his Market Pork. Luke, 9, showing for the first time, placed fourth with his carcass lamb. The LaBeffs are no strangers to winning. Audrey had the lamb carcass grand champion in 1994, and Matthew had the pork grand champion last year. And siblings had champions of the pig breed.

MARCH 11 – For more than 20 years, the name of Dr Pattie Dodson has been associated with the Victoria City and County Health Service. As director of the department from 1974 to 1994, Dodson expanded some medical services and added others, including a maternity ward and an HIV services department. On Monday, the Court of Commissioners decided to permanently honor Dodson by naming the new health department building after him. The only question that remains is what, exactly, they will name the building. “Everybody always called me Dr. Pattie, but it would be weird to just have Pattie on a building,” Dodson said. Commissioner Rex Easley said it would be difficult to get Dr Pattie Dodson and the Victoria City and County Health Department on the same sign. “We have a long building,” Easley joked. The commissioners decided to discuss the new name for a week and bring the matter back to court next Monday.


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